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Wellness Wednesday 10/13/21

Lifting off

The only way to really lift off, is simple just that…. Lifting off. No matter what may come your way. Know that your lift off, is lifting your feet, out of the ground and into yourself. Stop resisting by asking yourself “Are you ready?” when in fact, you’ve been preparing, and preparing for this moment. The moment where you are, there in that very exact moment, you’ve been waiting for this. Whatever, that; This moment is. Stop rethinking and over analyzing it. When you’re already in that moment. Don’t think yourself out of the moment, waiting for another moment to arise; when the moment you need is a RIGHT NOW! and you’re already in your moment. So BECOME! apart of your moment. It’s only right. You deserve your, this moment… Right now. This is your lift off. Lifting off is important for your growth. Slowly repeat within yourself: 1… 2…3 Now LIFT. Open your eyes… and remember your take off moment. Lifting off with purpose. Lift…. Lift…. Lift your feet, lift your mind, lift your heart. Lift your SMILE!! and remember you got this. While your in yourself, use your mindfulness to help guide you through your energy. Lifting with purpose.

Lifting Your Crown and GROW!

Manifesting Monday.


🌷Grand Rising my beautiful people. It’s POWER! in the word MOVE! How long you gonna continue to allow your life to kill you? It’s Smothering the living Life out of you. This is your life. You are Responsible for what happens from here on out. If something is not serving you, nor deserving of you. STOP asking all those questions, we like to ask when we know the answers to and MOVE! Even if it’s YOU! GET out of your own way. You’re blocking your own blessings. MOVE!🌷 MOVE!🌷 MOVE!🌷 MOVE! 🌷



Transformer Tuesday

Repeat after a Queen.

Today I will not.

By any means necessary. Do that thing of…


Today on this day I laugh at you, and all your thoughts of trying to seek attention in this way. You’re so irradiated by the fact, that I won’t give into you. Stress you better be gone. This isn’t the time nor place

As a matter of fact even if it was, I still wouldn’t give you the satisfaction. Stress I just laugh in your face because Nope! You can’t have me today, tomorrow doesn’t have your name on it, nether do next week. Be gone… Suga…. Be GONE!

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