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We’re so excited to meet you all. As a team, we’re always recording, building, and creating well-needed content. Our topics and themes are for those who are willing and able to listen and be present. See you shortly. Asé Om!

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Wellness Wednesday. 4 Things to know. 090722

Wellness Wednesday 4 things to know. 💚

💎1. Either move from where you’ve always been or continue to stay right there permanently in the way. Risk stunting your own growth. Adjust the plant accordingly to the measurements from within the pot itself.

💎2. Listen for the active ingredient, that will highlight the entire dish. Then put it down in the kitchen or even in life. Creating such an exquisite taste that is unforgettable.

💎3. Be daringly brave and transform your focus to courage and execution. Getting it done because you said you would. So finish it.

💎4. Look forward to seeing yourself do extraordinary things with extraordinary people.

🚨Don’t have too many extraordinary people around? Well… First, find yourself extraordinary, and then hang around a few NEW! Extraordinary places. You’ll find extraordinary people right around the corner. Doing extraordinary things and looking for extraordinary people to do them with.

🧡 The Love We Breathe Song🧡


🧡Singing off the dome. Writing with love in mind. I AM nothing without love. I AM Nothing without you. Stay Tuned.🧡 Written by Shamerra P. Saunders + Queen Juicey Shake Number 4 Fresh Blend.Irish ®️ 6,199,462 — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/number4freshblendirish/message


Welcome Wellness Wednesday 070622

Welcome beautiful people it’s Wellness Wednesday. We’re so thankful that it’s a great day to become well and healthy. There are 4 things you can do today to encourage wellness in your journey. Repeat the below affirmations out loud into the universe and inside within yourself too.

  1. I AM Becoming Well within my own thoughts and actions.
  2. I AM learning how Wellness can provide a more remarkable life for me and those I love.
  3. I AM WEll enough to notice that I’ve grown, yet still have more growing to do.
  4. I AM Creating a Well-known life today, to set my tomorrow’s legacy.
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