🧡 The Love We Breathe Song🧡


🧡Singing off the dome. Writing with love in mind. I AM nothing without love. I AM Nothing without you. Stay Tuned.🧡 Written by Shamerra P. Saunders + Queen Juicey Shake Number 4 Fresh Blend.Irish ®️ 6,199,462 — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/number4freshblendirish/message


Welcome Wellness Wednesday 070622

Welcome beautiful people it’s Wellness Wednesday. We’re so thankful that it’s a great day to become well and healthy. There are 4 things you can do today to encourage wellness in your journey. Repeat the below affirmations out loud into the universe and inside within yourself too.

  1. I AM Becoming Well within my own thoughts and actions.
  2. I AM learning how Wellness can provide a more remarkable life for me and those I love.
  3. I AM WEll enough to notice that I’ve grown, yet still have more growing to do.
  4. I AM Creating a Well-known life today, to set my tomorrow’s legacy.

I AM Responsible for me this time.

I AM RESPONSIBLE for what happens to me. I am responsible for my safety, my actions, my words, my feelings, my emotions, my do or don’t do’s. This is my mind, my heart, my body, my soul, my pores, my hair, my lips, my arms, my skin, my teeth, my titties, my eyes, my smile, my tummy, my ass, my nails, my legs, my knees, my elbow, my EVERYTHING. I AM Responsible for what happens to me, for me, through me, on me, near me. Whatever has my name on it, in it or around It… it has everything to do with me. This is about my energy, my love languages, my whole purpose of BEING. Not what others say I can have, should have or don’t need to have. I AM Responsible for me this time.❤ Thank you for listening.

Something Free Still Cost.

Grand Rising beautiful people… today I was gonna do something free for myself… I came to a decision. A sound decision. That this kinda free I already had, plus had given major discounts, and my humbleness attached. It’s too expensive to cost me, my EVERYTHING! Especially when its free for you, to have my energy in your space. I must protect my peace. Even when it’s for “FREE”. Something free can still cost you everything. You gotta pay me, to get everything for free from me. Something free can still cost.✌🏾

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