Wellness Wednesday

Check back every Wednesday to see what’s new and healthy for your soul. As we say @ Number 4 Fresh Blend. Irish “Get green, get going.”

On a scale of 0-11 where is your Wellness?

How do you feel today?

Have you ate today?

Have you showered today?

Have you had sex today?

Have you smiled today?

Have you laughed today?

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Lazy Legs

Lazy legs is when your legs, arms and whole body all of a sudden stop working. It's as if you are just a dead body; LIVING! Your children or any other living body moving, becomes your target. A target of what they will enable you with. Whether if it's "Sending the kids to always go and get it, or standing at the bus stop for 20 minutes, to only go 2-3 blocks. Get out from underneath that "Lazy Leg thing." Move your body, create great circulation within your mind, body and heart. Stop making those duck faces and stating "You don't have time to exercise. If you're sitting down, you always have time. If you're standing up, you always have time. Excuses only keep you right where, you have always been. 

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