Her & Herself Program.

Rediscovering a Queen’s crown.

The Queens Creed: We’re here to glitter and shine. Sprinkling Queens near and far. Queens, individually working together to help encourage her mind, heart and body. A safe place to become intimate to discover, rediscovery and balance her crown. Love the journey, that she has created for her and herself.

All Sessions are considered units. Each session unit has a session term. A session term is the length of program. Session terms all have their own individual set price.

Each session unit includes:

3 in 1 workout (Guided Meditation+Yoga Poses+ Aerobics/Dancing Workout), Weight Goal Manager, Meal Plan, No & Yes 30-90 Food Challenge and Pooping Right or Wrong.

Session Terms

3 Month

6 Month

12 Month

Session Units

Each session unit must have 3 units per month for 20 minutes per unit to complete.

3 in 1: Guided Meditation+ Yoga Poses+ Aerobics/Dancing Workouts

Mirror Motivation+ Confidence Booster

Vulnerability Permission

Healing Herself

Loving Your Journey

Squat & Tummy Tools

Tummy & Booty 100 Mix

DYF: Dating Your Food: Building a greater relationship with your food and it’s ingredients.

LIVE Private Cooking/Recipes & Creating Your Own Recipes

Eat+ Snack Whole Grocery Store Experience: What to place in your cart and why.

Rock What You Wear/ Clothing Store Experience: Building a greater relationship with your clothes. If you lost two dress sizes, shop for the right size now not before.

Pocketbook tools: What should a Queen take on the road

Self Love & Intimate Experiences

MGW: Manage Goal Weight (12 Month Session Term Only.)

WGM: Weight Goal Manager (Included w/ all Session Terms Units)

and more. Such as What’s The 411 Healthy Tools and of course Queens we have more.

To sign up for your complentary consultation and start your wellness journey, every Queen MUST complete the Queen’s Assessment Form. NO EXCEPTIONS!! Completing this form, helps to know your history and habits. This step is very crucial to your overall wellness journey.

Her & Herself Program


Published by The Queen Juicey Shake SHOW

Published Author Shamerra P. Saunders is known as Queen Juicey Shake. With her incredible team family. YamZ, SlaP, Cool-Aid, The General, and Tasha G., Stay tuned for our greatness together.

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