Yoga+ Meditation+ Workout Journey

If you truly want to loose weight. Remember these three (3) things, and you will be absolutely fine.

1. You must be consistent. NO! Not a once a month thing. It must be an always thing. How you do one thing, is how you do all things.

2. Your Gym is wherever you are. I get the whole gym thing. However; through this 3 year process of losing weight. I went to the gym 1 time. Which you see below in one of the photos. My gym was and where ever I was and am at. The park, the museum, home, school, work, in line at the supermarket, random neighborhoods, Air bnb Condo, I had to place me first. The gym is wherever you are.

When you drive to a random neighborhood and start running.

3. So what! who sees. Honey! Let them see. You may never know, how you may give someone else motivation and encouragement to get up and do why you’re doing it.

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