The Real Behind The Scenes.

Intimate Raw Reflections for 30 days on why… not how, I lost over 100 pounds naturally within one (1) year. Which I had carried for over 20 years and have successfully managed it for 3 years. Check out the real behind the scenes. As always thank you for listening.

Jumping up the Philadelphia Art Museum Steps. The same steps Rocky ran up. This was such an honor. With other great supportive Queens.

Raw Reflections for 30 Days.

Self Reflection 1

 🕉 When reviewing recordings, please inner-stand, not understand and meet me as a person. Any missing recordings will be updated, by the end of the 30 days. Thank you. Welcome to my Self Reflection. A space on why the Spinach & Potatoes (not meat & potatoes) Get it? 🤣even existed in the first place. Asé OM! 🕉–oaIYSBRZRXgl7E9dYs-YKS

Self Reflection take 1.
Day 2 Birthday suit
Day 3
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7 Miami Skies.
Day 8: This Shit Hurts
Day 8: This Shit Hurts. Cont.
Day 8: This Shit Hurts. Cont.
Day 9: Even in pain… show up for my life.
Day 9: Even In the pain… show up for my life.
Day 1012 Cont.
Day 1012 Cont… Continued.
Day 10 of 30

Deep Diving….

It's getting really DEEP in here. 🔥 🔥
Day 11

Day 11 Cont.
Day 13
Day 13 cont.
Day 13 Cont. Cont. Cont. Diving Deep.
Day 13 After thought continue.
Day 14
Day 15
Day 16
Day 16 Continues
Day 16 Continues Continues
Day 17
Day 17 continues
Day 18 Declutter & Move
Day 19: Pull over… Pause… Park.
Day 20th.
Day 20th Cont.
Day 21: Building a better relationship within my Va-Jay-Ja
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