Oh! Just something I whipped up!

Shrimp, green peppers, red peppers, onions, broccoli, rice, red beans, black beans, Northern beans, feta cheese. Two different handcrafted sauces. Drizzled honey on top. Garnished with fresh basil.


It’s so crazy… How as people… we can go our whole lives… without our special person by our side… feeling lost… and then…. Just like that… BOOM! We meet… forgetting all about ever being lost in the first place. Or even being counted out by all those Mr. which-cha-ma-call-its.🤷‍♂️

Wait for it…. then it happens…. That one moment without your person…. And it feels like a stolen breath…. Each breath becomes more and more difficult to breathe. Oxygen struggles to pass by the very airways… which gives us life. Him and all his elements are sources of cosmetic energy. Without his breath… there should be no breathing. Thankful for not getting lost and found with anyone else. Every space occupied…. was definitely worth waiting for him. Oh! and those which-cha-ma-call-its….👉🏽🗑🚮

Thankful Thursday…

Thankful for you… Thankful for me… Thankful for us… Thankful for everything in my life… Thankful for what was… Thankful for what is… Thankful for what’s on the way…. And Thankful for what missed me because it wasn’t for me. I’m just so thankful. Thank you for listening. Blessings on this Thankful Thursday.

Wellness Wednesday 8/25/21

Healthy thinking is important. What you share with yourself is imperative. What you tell you yourself, in front of others and in front of yourself matters. Listen with yourself. Ask yourself. ” Are you willing to be apart of your own healthier thinking”? It took me so many years, to not beat myself down about “Me”. I truly had to do a lot of unveiling the truth and sitting uncomfortable within me. Telling myself “No” or “Yes”…. or even not today. This honesty thing is more rewarding than you realize. If you can’t be honest with you, why should anyone else be required to. Healthier thinking is what gives results when losing weight. Thank you for listening.


When there’s not too much to respond with…. quiet takes over. It becomes so loud, in the many places. Like…. Boom! Boom! Click… Boom! Click! What is this absolute moving… but stiff moment. It shares conflicting energy, with the inner spaces. How could it be so quiet… yet so roaring. Damn! Queen bee flying beeping from the truck…. all the movements of this day.. Well! Shut up and say something already. Too much on this quiet day.

Wellness Wednesday 8/18/21

Letting Go! Letting go of thinking this life isn’t mines. When people, places and things surround me. Asking myself “For why are you in my energy?” In great research, life shared with me, when people can’t control you. They become angry at you and then consider “You to be controlling.” So since you can’t, that means I Am? No! that means I’m only controlling myself. In the world today, you will be surprised, on all the many forms; of hatred tongues or spirits we come across. Every single day.👉🏽 This is my life…. I’m so thankful for all the letting go and detaching. At first, it was so hard…. than the hard became so easy. Letting go of what was never said. Letting go of holding me back… for other people’s emotions.

Check Mate.

Shut down

Sometimes when the openess becomes so open and the best version of one’s self is present…. she tries not to shut down. She loves the rush, the crave of her discretion… and willingness to not always be so ready to be open. So… when her vulnerability shows up…. she becomes like a wet noodle… Heavy and full of transparency.

No one can un wet the noodle… nor create it to transform back into it’s original form. Her openess becomes so open and the best version of one’s self is present and it shows. She shuts down and is willing to no longer be available for openess. Wishing for that dry pasta version of herself. Thoughts of “How can she be listened to, valued and respected, if she can’t be authentically open.” Then the noodle becomes the dry pasta, version of herself and automatically she shuts the kitchen down. Creating her own meals, sauces and dishes. Dining alone. Thank you for listening.

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