Manifesting Mondays

Have you manifested the yummiest, yummy in your tummy? Handcrafted salad and dressing. Today get something yummy in your tummy. Don’t forget your Alkaline water too. It does a tummy GREAT!

🥳Wellness Wednesday🥳

Yes! it’s WEDNESDAY! Wellness Wednesday. Ask yourself how do you feel about YOU today? What is it about you, that needs your attention? What are you experiencing within your love languages for you today? Ask yourself what it is, that you need?Are you listening to your check ✔ engine light… or are you riding through your day, ignoring that yellow or red flashing light.

👉🏽Rate your Wellness this Wednesday. Heart Scale from 0-11. ❤ 0-4 meaning Check engine light is on Red. 💛 5-8 Check engine light is flashing but it’s being ignored. 💚 9-11 Check engine light is green and feeling great to drive through this day with WELLNESS.

Today on Wellness Wednesday my Heart Scale is 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

Dear Queen

Crowns Matter.

No matter your thought process today, Queen you gonna make it. Watch how amazing it will turn out. It may only hurt for a little bit… but watch how that little bit of hurt, will set you up for a lot of Greatness! Stay with the course. It’s gonna work out. Queen you got this. No matter your thought process today Queen you gonna make it. Hold your crown high and know yours matter.

Right Here… Right Now Mantra.

I AM this right here.

I AM in this moment right here.

I AM all that I AM especially right now.

I AM those toxins dropped in this toilet bowl.

I AM Light.

I AM in this music right here.

I AM in this energy right now.

I AM effortlessly flowing.


I AM in this VIBE!

I AM growing right now.

I AM in this moment right here… Right now.

💚Wellness Wednesday💚

Today start out with being somewhere safe but NOISY. Yes! You read that absolutely correct. Next… Close your eyes and inhale through your nose. (As if you’re smelling a sweet Cinnamon bun candle.) Thennnn…..

Exhale through your mouth. (As if you’re blowing out, that same sweet amazing! Cinnamon bun candle.) Great! Congratulations and welcome to Mindfulness. Mindfulness is all about listening for what you’re not aware of. Often times because of our high demand lives, we are wired to always MOVE!

We rarely take our time to just BE. Well mindfulness teaches us to slow down,, even for a moment to allow our minds to catch up to our bodies. Today, take your time and identify what you hear, with your eyes close. Connect with it’s meaning of whatever is around you.

💚What can you see with your eyes close?

💚What do you feel around you, with your eyes close?

💚What can you smell with your eyes close? 💥Good smell or Stinky smell.

💚Where is this certain object located? Left, right, next to or far away.

💚What do you think could be going on?

💚What is the history?

👉🏽Share your experience with other social media platforms. Sharing your journey can help encourage, other Moving Minds of taking time to simply be MINDFUL. Even for a few moments. This can also help them when encountering you. When their in your space as well.

👉🏽Share your experience here as well. How was your personal journey today? Thumbs up or thumbs down.

👉🏽Mindful Minds Come be apart: Today on Wellness Wednesday, how many times have you connected and identified with something for mindfulness? Clap below for effective communication.

Transformer Tuesday

The way I use to eat verses the way I eat now. Mindful eating. Being mindful about the ingredients, the quality, the quantity and building a greater relationship with my food. We show you how to date your food.

But look at my nephew face tho…. Things we don’t see.. The youth see what we do. Allow them to see Greatness!
Being a Chef and coming from a family of Chefs. It was difficult at first… however… mindful eating helps with over eating and or being an emotional eater.
The best bowl ever. This bowl I bought from Walmart years ago…. which by the way I can’t find… However; this wonderful bowl turns into a plate. Great! for portion control.

👑Dear Queen👑

👑 You can make it. It may seem like you want to give up. Dear Queen you can make it. It may feel like nothing will change. Dear Queen you can make it. You’re not alone… even when it’s difficult… Dear Queen you aren’t alone. Someone… somewhere is giving up right now… she is feeling dark…. cold…. and empty… Dear Queen we are right here with you… Lift up your crown and connect with us TOGETHER! 👑 Dear Queen… We love you. ❤

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