Feel Good Fridays

On this Friday what made you feel good?

Feeling Good because it’s FRIDAY! My favorite day of the week. Plus, I was born 39 years ago on a Friday. So, this day of the week was meant.

Feeling Good because it’s my right too.
What makes you dance? Me: Dance hall music. I mean… honestly any kind of great music. However; Dance hall music is my favorite.

🍵 Talking Tea Thursday’s 🍵

Talking TEA Thursday’s is for the real tea with NO! Pullback. RAW! NO! Suga, NO! Honey, NO! Ice in this Tea.

Real Awareness Works

Queens small things can make such a huge difference in your weight.

⚠️Get your hand out that whole bag of chips. Grab you something healthier. Fruit, Veggies, even a smaller portion of what your eating in a ziplock bag.

⚠️Stop sending the kids to get every damn thing. You go do it too.

⚠️Walk more. Park your car and go walk for your life.

⚠️Get moving. Stop being so stiff. You gotta move them limbs.

⚠️Drink more water. Put that Pepsi down. First of all. (Not dawging any brand, because we’re a brand too!, just stating facts.) Pepsi you can place on your car battery, to get rid of the rust.

⚠️Reduce your plate size. Stop piling it so high that Jesus and Moses needs a ladder to find it.

⚠️Poop at a 30° angle. ( Grab you a stool or milk crate from those milk crate challenges.) Place your feet on them, knees forward into your chest. This method opens up your rectum wider for a effective bowl movement.

⚠️Declutter. (House, Car, Mail, Email, Friends, Family, Foes.) Get them toxins out from around your space. You can’t think properly with all that around you.

⚠️Grab those underline issues. Deal with them now before they continue to deal with you.

⚠️Deal with your mind. One by one. It’s not easy however, it can be done. Forgive even if it’s forgiven yourself.

⚠️Deal with your heart. One by one. It’s not easy however, it can be done. Cry that shit out and create better decisions for your heart.

⚠️👉🏽Then… Deal with your body. One by one. It’s not easy however, it can be done. Watch how the weight will melt off… once you start first with your mind, then your heart. It’s make a world of difference.

🔥 🔥

Her & Herself Program.

Rediscovering a Queen’s crown.

The Queens Creed: We’re here to glitter and shine. Sprinkling Queens near and far. Queens, individually working together to help encourage her mind, heart and body. A safe place to become intimate to discover, rediscovery and balance her crown. Love the journey, that she has created for her and herself.

All Sessions are considered units. Each session unit has a session term. A session term is the length of program. Session terms all have their own individual set price.

Each session unit includes:

3 in 1 workout (Guided Meditation+Yoga Poses+ Aerobics/Dancing Workout), Weight Goal Manager, Meal Plan, No & Yes 30-90 Food Challenge and Pooping Right or Wrong.

Session Terms

3 Month

6 Month

12 Month

Session Units

Each session unit must have 3 units per month for 20 minutes per unit to complete.

3 in 1: Guided Meditation+ Yoga Poses+ Aerobics/Dancing Workouts

Mirror Motivation+ Confidence Booster

Vulnerability Permission

Healing Herself

Loving Your Journey

Squat & Tummy Tools

Tummy & Booty 100 Mix

DYF: Dating Your Food: Building a greater relationship with your food and it’s ingredients.

LIVE Private Cooking/Recipes & Creating Your Own Recipes

Eat+ Snack Whole Grocery Store Experience: What to place in your cart and why.

Rock What You Wear/ Clothing Store Experience: Building a greater relationship with your clothes. If you lost two dress sizes, shop for the right size now not before.

Pocketbook tools: What should a Queen take on the road

Self Love & Intimate Experiences

MGW: Manage Goal Weight (12 Month Session Term Only.)

WGM: Weight Goal Manager (Included w/ all Session Terms Units)

and more. Such as What’s The 411 Healthy Tools and of course Queens we have more.

To sign up for your complentary consultation and start your wellness journey, every Queen MUST complete the Queen’s Assessment Form. NO EXCEPTIONS!! Completing this form, helps to know your history and habits. This step is very crucial to your overall wellness journey.

Her & Herself Program

🥳Wellness Wednesday🥳9/29/21

Are you paying attention to how you are feeling? What do you need right now in this very moment? What is your body telling you right now? Nope! Not yesterday not even tomorrow. The here and now is all we have.

Honestly Ask Yourself…

Have you ate today? If so what. When was the last time you slept? Are you hurt right now? Are you cold or hot right now? Do you need a break right now? Have you been standing too long? Have you been sitting too long? How long have you been on social media? How long have you been staring at that computer screen? Did you get some fresh air? How long have you been working, while children or spouse are asking for your attention? How many times have you yelled at someone? Are you cranky? Are you Hangry? Have you taken a 💩 💩 to get rid of those toxins? Have you showered? Be honest with yourself. So that you may be present to receive what you truly need.

Better Questions are always necessary.

When you ask yourself the better, deeper questions, not just the surface questions. You then find out really what’s going on. Also what truly needs your attention or not.

Wellness Wednesdays

Wellness Wednesday is all about your Wellness or the wellness of others. The formula or birds eye scope on what needs your focus. Or no longer needs your attention because now something else or someone else needs it. Even if it’s yourself. Take time each and every Wednesday to check on your wellness. Also the wellness of others.

Thank you for always listening and being apart. If you would love to engage with this or other post. Please feel free to. We always encourage others to be their own greatness, Together. Peace & Blessings Asé 🕉

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💚Rate your Wellness Wednesday below. Thank you for being here. ❤

Wellness Wednesday 9/29/21

❤💚My kitchen made me do it. -S.p.S Healing taste so good. 💚❤

💚First photo. Dinner: Mash potatoes and Creamy spinach w/ red peppers, orange peppers, garlic, ginger and a squirt of fresh squeeze lemon juice.

💚Second photo. Healthy Treat to create with your children or family. Mommy & Me Peanut butter, banana and blueberry balls Dipped in yummy Nutella with coconut on top.

Transformer Tuesday

The beginning of Birthing Greatness. No! Literally.

This Queen! Right Here!

What can we say about this wonderful Queen. So she was in our 3 month program. She was so consistent, even to the point that her husband would wait outside. If she had a one hour session. He would relax in his car. If she had a two hour session he would drop her off and come back. This Queen and her family were faithful, dedicated and determined. On time, very respectful and willing to show up for herself. Every single time.

She was so concerned about her weight, because the numbers never moved. Welp! Until it did one day. However; it was moving very slow. Now. Let me say this. A little progress is great! No progress is when we should worry.

👉🏽Back to this Queen. She did everything that was required. No excuses… Tho she tried to her very first consultation. After she heard… I wasn’t having it. NO MORE after that was given. This Queen didn’t have the mind set of “thinking she knew it all.” Oh! By the way great! Queen to work with.

Funny story tho… She drunk our Green Apple Juice Cleanser so much, we were wondering what was going on… why she was losing it slowly. Turns out that she actually got PREGNANT!! She later informed me, she also had fertility issues. 😵 I wasn’t even aware of this. 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

⚠️Note: That’s why the Queen’s Assessment Form is so important within your Wellness Journey. To know your history & habits. Providing the best way I/We can help assist to serve you.

Side Note: I can’t wait to hold this beautiful baby girl, that our juice had a hand in Birthing Greatness into the universe. No! Literally. She’s gonna have a funny story on how she actually arrived. 🤣 Baby Juicey. 🤣

But literally Birthing Greatness.

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