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Check out F.U.C.K. [Explicit] by Victoria Monét on Amazon Music

Intimacy starts with a mood. No need to feel insecure about moods and energy. Embrace it. Or not.

Check out F.U.C.K. [Explicit] by Victoria Monét on Amazon Music https://music.amazon.com/albums/B08NXWPSXV?trackAsin=B08NXXMR3N&ref=dm_sh_DokFAviv4tbb0fgvsjESrQqSD

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Writing Vibrations!

When you feel the words, bouncing out of your brain. It moves so fast. Like, shooting flames from a rocket. They start to fly everywhere. Sticking onto everything. I mean it’s so many. They just keep coming… and coming. Demanding their way into this universe. Forming millions of neutrons on every page.

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