Transformer Tuesday

Repeat after a Queen.

Today I will not.

By any means necessary. Do that thing of…


Today on this day I laugh at you, and all your thoughts of trying to seek attention in this way. You’re so irradiated by the fact, that I won’t give into you. Stress you better be gone. This isn’t the time nor place

As a matter of fact even if it was, I still wouldn’t give you the satisfaction. Stress I just laugh in your face because Nope! You can’t have me today, tomorrow doesn’t have your name on it, nether do next week. Be gone… Suga…. Be GONE!


Published by The Queen Juicey Shake SHOW

Published Author Shamerra P. Saunders is known as Queen Juicey Shake. With her incredible team family. YamZ, SlaP, Cool-Aid, The General, and Tasha G., Stay tuned for our greatness together.

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