Wellness Wednesday 8/25/21

Healthy thinking is important. What you share with yourself is imperative. What you tell you yourself, in front of others and in front of yourself matters. Listen with yourself. Ask yourself. ” Are you willing to be apart of your own healthier thinking”? It took me so many years, to not beat myself down about “Me”. I truly had to do a lot of unveiling the truth and sitting uncomfortable within me. Telling myself “No” or “Yes”…. or even not today. This honesty thing is more rewarding than you realize. If you can’t be honest with you, why should anyone else be required to. Healthier thinking is what gives results when losing weight. Thank you for listening.


Published by The Queen Juicey Shake SHOW

Published Author Shamerra P. Saunders is known as Queen Juicey Shake. With her incredible team family. YamZ, SlaP, Cool-Aid, The General, and Tasha G., Stay tuned for our greatness together.

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