Today is all about that amazing word “Growth. It’s where the seed has already been planted. Its almost about time to eat. Growth is fruitfulness…. the abundance of more… the harvest is on the way. Keep growing. The sun reminds.. the plant… that it’s time to be watered. The soil reminds the plant…that it still needs to eat. The plant reminds the soil and the sun… that the plant still needs to be watered. The water reminds the plant, soil and sun… that it’s time to water all of the seeds… at the same time. Growth is fruitfulness… the abundance of more. -Shamerra P Saunders, Queen Juicey Shake.💋

Published by The Queen Juicey Shake SHOW

Published Author Shamerra P. Saunders is known to the world as Queen Juicey Shake. I'm a Registered trademark juice inventor of 50 states, Juice, Shake, and Sauce Inventor, Sous Chef, Wellness Model, Wellness Coach, Self Esteem Coach, Peer Specialist, Mother, Serial Business Woman, 7x Author on Amazon and 2x Author on Lulu, Female Engineer, Poet, Artist, Yogi, Motivational Speaker, World Traveler, and more.

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