Tummy Tools #1

Your tummy has it’s own language and most times there is a communication barrier, between your thoughts and the actual truth that is showing. Listen…. Listen in close. Your tummy is screaming for your attention.

If tummies talked what would they say?

What do you believe your tummy is saying?

How can you be apart of your tummies thoughts?

Write down 4 ways you can help heal and repair, the relationship between you and your tummy.

Yes! I wanna know. Yes! I’m listening and Yes! we can do this together.

I encourage you to start dating your food. Your tummy will defiantly thank you.

It’s the relationship between you & your food, that will determine the actual truth within your tummy.

Tummy tools are now available every Wellness Wednesday. Only to subscribe members.


Published by The Queen Juicey Shake SHOW

Published Author Shamerra P. Saunders is known as Queen Juicey Shake. With her incredible team family. YamZ, SlaP, Cool-Aid, The General, and Tasha G., Stay tuned for our greatness together.

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